A note from the new developers of the Oceanlinx technology.

The wave energy conversion technology of Oceanlinx and all its related intellectual property and know-how were sold in November 2014 to a new wave energy technology developer in Hong Kong.

Since the acquisition, the new developers of the technology have significantly enhanced the performance and efficiency of the earlier versions of the technology. Having spent the last 3 years with dedication and hard work enhancing the technology and strengthening the technology’s patent portfolio, the new developers have to date achieved 15 granted patents compared to 2 granted patents in 2014, with another 18 patents under examination processes. The full scale of the more enhanced version of this technology will be launched in Q1 of 2018 under the full support of our strategic partner developer.

Please note all subscriptions for updates will no longer be available from this site. However, if you are as passionate for this technology as us and wish to continue to follow it, please email info@oceanlinx.com.