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New Owners of the Oceanlinx IP and Technology


All references made to Oceanlinx on this website now refers to Wave Power Renewables Limited trading as Oceanlinx.  It has no association with the company in Australia that is currently in liquidation.

After the restructure of the old Oceanlinx company in Australia, the intellectual property, technology, know-how and brand name of Oceanlinx were acquired by Wave Power Renewables Limited (WPR), in November 2014.  A group of passionate Australian and Hong Kong investors are now supporting the commercialisation of the wave energy conversion technology once known as Oceanlinx.  Since the acquisition, WPR, backed by a team of scientists and clever engineers have significantly enhanced the efficiency of the wave energy conversion technology and its major subsystems, oscillating water column and its Power Take-Off (PTO) system.


Onshore Full Scale Power Take-Off systems Test Facility




Wave energy converters are genrally placed in harsh environment and are hard to access due to their location and/or unfavourable weather conditions. With this in mind a full scale wind tunnel test facility capable of simulating a variety of wave heights and wave periods has been built to fully test and validate the Power Take-Off system (PTO). The test facility will enable the company to fully test and validate the systems performance and reliability in a variety of sea conditions, thereby de-risking the system before it is deployed at sea. Significant cost savings are achieved by commissioning and adjusting the PTO on land prior to its deployment at sea. For demonstration purposes, the facility is also equipped with the capability to demonstrate the PTO system’s capacity to generate real time electricity.


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Understanding wave energy – what it is, how it works and how best to extract it from our oceans has been intrinsic to developing our highly efficient and cost effective technology here at Wave Power Renewables. To learn more about wave energy and its potential, please click the link below.

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