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'greenWAVE' Project Update

Below is an update on the current situation of the 'greenWAVE' project in South Australia.

On Saturday, 1 March at approximately 5am the tugging operation of our ‘greenWAVE’ started at TechPort Adelaide.

Prior to the tugging operation the unit was fully tested and commissioned. It was then submerged in the water   for more than two weeks to receive the turbine and super structure on top of the Oscillating Water Column   (“OWC”). After installation, the unit was brought up to a floating state where final touches were made to get the   trim correct. This process was completed over a number of days whilst the device was floating successfully under   its own buoyancy aids. The final trim for the voyage was achieved 48 Hours before the ‘greenWAVE’ left TechPort, and only after receiving assurances from our insurance surveyor and tug company surveyor.


During the first 24 hours of towing there were three written reports received from tug masters with photographs highlighting the good status of the unit and reporting that its trim condition was the same as it was when it left TechPort. The last good report was at approximately 5am on Sunday, 2 March.


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Update: 'greenWAVE' Tow

Latest news on the towing operation in South Australia

The ‘greenWAVE’ unit, which left TechPort early on Saturday 1 March, was towed into shallower waters southeast of Adelaide after it began to lean backwards after 24 hours of towing without incident. 

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