The greenWAVE device is a single oscillating water column designed for shallow water application, which can also provide a cost effective coastal protection solution





greenWAVE is made of simple flat packed prefabricated reinforced concrete. It sits under its own weight on the seafloor without the need for seabed preparation, in approximately 10-15m of water.


There are no moving parts under water, with the top of the device housing the airWAVE turbine and electrical control systems.



Each greenWAVE device is initially sealed, resulting in a buoyant structure. It is floated to its deployment site, where the buoyant seal is removed and the device is lowered to its final resting position. The method of fixing the device to the bottom of the ocean will vary in accordance to the geotechnical nature of the seabed at each location.


Electrical Output

The electrical output of a greenWAVE device will depend on the local wave climate. In a very good climate, a single greenWAVE device would be rated at 1MW or more.


The unit can be dedicated to the production of electricity, desalinated seawater, or both. It can also be incorporated into a sea wall or breakwater structure, which will further reduce the cost of the unit.


Key Features

  • No seabed preparation
  • No anchors or mooring required
  • No moving parts under water
  • No exclusion zone
  • Easily repositioned
  • Dual electricity and desalinated water production
  • Can be incorporated into a sea wall or breakwater structure
  • Built to deliver 30 years continuous operation


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