Past test platforms of the old company



The predecessors to the current owners of the Oceanlinx technology has built and operated three wave energy projects in the past. Each of these has been located at Port Kembla, approximately 100km south of Sydney, Australia. These projects have been the precursors to the latest versions of the Oceanlinx technology developed by the new owners of the technology, Wave Power Renewables.


MK1, 2005

Full Scale Prototype

The Oceanlinx Mk1 full scale prototype was fitted out and first deployed in 2005.  In 2008, the unit was decommissioned by the management at the time.




MK2, 2007

1/3 Scale Prototype

Oceanlinx built and deployed an instrumented 1/3rd scale test unit of its Mk2 WEC in late 2007 and early 2008.  The unit was shortly afterwards dismantled.


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MK3, 2010

Pre Commercial

Under the management of the CEO, Ali Baghaei, 12 months after Mr Baghaei joined the old company, the Mk3 Pre-Commercial demonstration scale device was built and successfully grid connected.  

Mk3 was designed to be limited in its life, operations, and scale to suit both the environment at Port Kembla and its purpose as a demonstration of the technology.

Mk3 was a floating device suitable for deep water application unlike the prior test platforms, Mk1 and Mk2, fixed and semi-floating devices.


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greenWAVE, 2014 in South Australia

1MW Full Scale Pre Commercial

During the transporation of the device from the construction site to its intended location in Port McDonnell, the external buoyancy aids (airbags) were damaged during the tow which led to the unit being stranded off the coast of Carrickalinga.   

This full scale 1 MW greenWAVE device was first of its kind in the world that was fully built, tested and commissioned on land.


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