greenWAVE, 2014

Full scale 1MW greenWAVE device commissioned on land

Projects Overview




In July 2012Oceanlinx received just under $4 million dollars in funding from the Emerging Renewables Program (ERP). This $126 million Program is administered by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to support the development of renewable energy technologies in Australia across the innovation chain. One of the key aims of the ERP funding is to help such companies advance to commercialisation. The federal funding awarded to Oceanlinx will help to demonstrate a commercial scale greenWAVE device in waters off the south east coast of  South Australia.

The project execution works started in South Australia at the beginning of 2013 after obtaining project consents and proceeding several rounds of consultations.

The major project execution works include manufacturing of Oceanlinx patented airWave Turbine, auxiliary equipment and electrical equipment, construction of sub-structure (Oscillating Water Column, OWC) and super-structure (Power-Take Off, PTO enclosure), and assembly of PTO and OWC.

Oceanlinx prides itself on focusing on local employment and the major companies involved in the Project are all based in South Australia. Oceanlinx have also been proactive in its consultation efforts, which has gamered a corresponding support from stakeholders.

The Power-Take Off (PTO) system (see figures at the right-hand side) for the greenWAVE device was successfully built in earlier 2014. The major components in the PTO are airWAVE Turbine, 1MW generator, drive/transformer, SCADA system, access system for operation & maintenance and navigation/lightening protection system.

On-land testing and commissioning of PTO was undertaken in earlier 2014, particulary for the Oceanlinx patented airWAVE Turbine for the purposes of testing performance and reliability of the device.

The testing and commissioing illustrated that the performance and reliability of the built full-scale greenWAVE device achieve what it was designed. Also, manufacturability and cost-competativeness of the technology were demonstrated through the successfully on-land testing and commissioning.

Lessons were learnt through delivering the project, and the experience was accumulated for development of future projects and optimization of the technology. 





On Land Testing and Commissioning of PTO System of greenWAVE device