Our core patented technology offers major improvements in system design, turbine and construction techniques

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Over the last 20 years the Oceanlinx technology has been developed, deployed, tested  and operated through 3 prototypes in the open ocean, producing 100% clean green electricity to the grid from ocean waves.


Our products go far beyond renewable energy generation


Our devices are capable of:

Electricity Production

  • Oceanlinx products can generate electricity of a relatively high capacity factor.  In an array formation this can be expanded to meet the requirements of any project.


Desalinated Water Production

  • Up to 1Gl per unit/year

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Coastal Protection From Sea Water

  • When devices are in an array format or integrated into a breakwater wall

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Key strengths of the technology are:

Exclusive Patented Technology

  • The underpinning ‘Boomerang’ design for the OWC and bidirectional reaction turbine are internationally patented technologies and have reached efficiencies unmatched by anyone else in the sector.

Product Maturity

  • The technology is one of the few technologies in the world in the wave energy sector to have been tested 3 times in the open ocean and to have achieved full and continuous grid connection in Australia and the world. The technology is currently at a TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of 7 and should soon be ready for full commercial deployment post successful demonstration of the privately funded 1MW North East Taiwan greenWAVE Project. This will place the technology at competitive level with the most matured renewable energy technologies.


Cost Effective

  • A combination of highly efficient design and advantageous ocean environments means our greenWAVE device will be cost competitive with onshore wind and fossil fuels in the next 3-5 years.


Product Diversity

  • Our extensive research and development have resulted in our versatile product range that allows for shallow water (greenWAVE) and deep water (blueWAVE and ogWAVE) application, as well as with oil and gas and other offshore platforms.


    We are also able to produce desalinated water in a more efficient and cost effective way than traditional systems which can then be distributed to local communities. Our devices can also provide coastal protection from sea erosion when in an array format or integrated into a breakwater wall. 


    We also have developed software that will allow you to model and test a wave energy converter as a fully integrated system in different locations and scenarios.


Low Maintenance

  • Our devices only have one principal moving part which is stationed above the water line. This means all elements are accessible and replaceable, without the need for prolonged period of down time, large vessels or divers.

Built to last

  • The greenWAVE and blueWAVE devices are built to deliver 25 years continuous operation and to withstand 1 in 100 year storms.


    These commercial products are the culmination of two decades long development phase, which has resulted in Oceanlinx being at the cutting edge of marine renewable technology.






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