The potential of our revolutionary technology has been consistently recognised, both nationally and internationally.


In 1999 the European Union’s Independent Adviser on Wave Energy, declared that “the Energetech technology is likely to be the first to make wave energy commercially viable”, since then the company’s recognition has continued to grow.

A 2004 report by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in the US, ranked Energetech's technology as the lowest cost producer of electricity in a like-for-like comparison with all other wave energy companies at the time. The US based International Academy of Science named the technology as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Technologies in the World for 2006. This award pertained to technologies of any type throughout the world, not just energy technologies.

In November 2009, at an awards ceremony in Shenzhen, China, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) ranked Oceanlinx third in their list of the Top Ten Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in the World. In September 2010, at the annual EcoGen Awards in Sydney, Australia, the Oceanlinx MK3PC device deployed at Port Kembla was named the Most Outstanding Clean Energy Technology Innovation.

Most recently the greenWAVE unit was awarded the top prize in the Energy and Minerals category in The Australian Innovation Challenge 2012. The award acknowledged greenWAVE as one of Australia’s most promising and innovative ideas.


We look forward to such awards and accolades continuing, as Oceanlinx moves into full commercialisation phase, thus helping wave energy to take its rightful place among the global mix of renewable energies.

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