ogWAVE is a single oscillating water column designed for deep water application, and capable of providing power to remote offshore installations



ogWAVE is a unique application which utilises Oceanlinx’s vast experience in wave energy. The unit is able to connect with oil and gas platforms, as well as installations in more remote areas.

There are no moving parts under water, with the top of the device housing the airWAVE turbine and electrical control systems.



ogWAVE is capable of connecting with oil and gas platforms as well as installations in more remote areas. Each device is floated to its deployment site, where the task of securing the anchoring system (designed specifically for ogWAVE) takes place. The method of anchoring the device to the bottom of the ocean depends on the geotechnical nature of the seabed, whilst utilising gravity, drag, and suction anchors.


Electrical Output 

The electrical output of the ogWAVE device will depend on the local wave climate. In a very good climate, a single ogWAVE device would be rated at 500KW or more.


The unit can be dedicated to the production of electricity, desalinated seawater, or both.


Key Features

  • Capable of connecting with oil and gas and other offshore platforms
  • Can be installed in remote areas
  • No moving parts under water
  • Dual electricity and desalinated water production

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