proWAVE software is a numerical tool which allows one to model and test a wave energy converter as a fully integrated system



The system includes oscillating water column (OWC), turbine, generator, flywheel, and various other controls features.


The proWAVE software will allow you to conduct:

1. Resource Assessment

View and test locations and its potential for power generation to help feed into financial investment etc

2. Control Strategy

Optimise the control strategy of the airWAVE turbine

3. Create Power Matrix

Develop power matrixes for device sites


Your historical ocean wave data can be presented as an excel file with two columns, wave elevation vs time or as an occurrence matrix based on wave period Tp (sec) and height Hs (m). A pre-defined matrix structure is not required as proWAVE converts the input data into a standardised format for you.


It contains a database of regular and irregular wave histories for various Tp and Hs, therefore all that is required for the prediction of annual energy production for any site is an occurrence matrix related to that site - proWAVE will do the rest.






proWAVE solves a system of differential equations for water elevation inside the OWC, air pressure in the air chamber and the OWC’s structural elevation itself (for the floating product) in real time.


Features include:

  • Predict pneumatic power delivered by any OWC with various geometries and configurations
  • Predict electric power (instant, average, or annual) depending on ocean wave history
  • Analyse water elevation inside any OWC, as well as the OWC’s structural elevation in real time
  • Perform a number of quick analyses such as pueumatic to electrical conversion efficiencies, average electrical production per year (kHw/yr), extreme load analysis etc
  • Analyse and optimise various control strategies for turbines and generators

All results are presented graphically in real time and recorded in a file directory. The user is then able to analyse details further in their own time. The OWC and the motion of the waves inside and outside of it are also created into highly realistic animations.



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